Hi Catherine,

Thanks for reading and for your kind words! Definitely been overwhelmed with the response (I apologize to anyone reading this that I haven’t been able to respond to). Fantastic that you’re working in education after having worked in startups!

Just wanted to expound on“leaky funnel” analogy— I mainly chose that language because in tech, we often talk about conversion funnels, and we definitely make sure we get as many people not only into the funnel as possible, through also through to the end. I was at first uncomfortable with this language since it implies life is nothing more than a conversion funnel for the “successful ones”, and people have expressed similar thoughts regarding the term “underprivileged talent”, but I just want to point out that everyone has their own unique set of talents, and there are many funnels for every career or life path imaginable, but even if you set up a ring of funnels, if they’re all leaky, they won’t do much good.

Building the best place to get work done at flow.club. I write about software, startups & running at davidtran.me and occasionally publish here.

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