Planning to run quite a few races in 2019 including the Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, and New York Marathon. Hopefully I’ll see you at some of them! Hoping to do a better job of writing up notes, mostly for myself to reference in the future, and will probably throw some of those notes up here.

Feb 2: Jed Smith 50k, Sacramento, CA

Race notes:

Wind/rain ended up not being nearly as bad as initially feared — just had parts of two laps that felt like a slog cuz of the rain, and the section after the bridge to the aid station was super windy each time, but it was otherwise okay (once your shoes and socks are wet, the rain can’t really do much more to you).

Nutrition notes:

Gu before and every 3 miles (total of 10 gus, mostly Roctane and other high caffeine ones). Had water or nuun at every aid station stop. Had sips of Dr. Pepper at a couple of the aid stations and some really gross, bitter nuun (maybe grapefruit?) that I thought was water both times. Had a single potato chip at the last two aid stations. Had more than my usual oatmeal and peanut butter before — didn’t have honey so had an extra spoonful of PB. Also didn’t have coffee ☕️ for the first time in a while before a race cuz I didn’t have easy access to any, so that might have been why my stomach felt a little weird at the beginning.

Mar 2: Way Too Cool 50k, Cool, CA

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Pre-race Goals:

  • A) Sub-3:50 ❌
  • A’) Top 25 ❌
  • B) Sub-4:00 ❌
  • B’) Top 30 ✅
  • C) Trail 50k PR (4:19 at my first 50k at Skyline last year) ✅
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There were quite a few creek (more like river) crossings. Def haven’t ever practiced these before
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After a while, you realized that there’s no going around, and that the best way is through
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Just tried to smile as often as I could

Nutrition notes:

The usual 80g of oatmeal+ spoonful of PB + honey + blueberries, a banana and coffee before the race. Accidentally thought the Gu electrolyte tablets they gave at packet pickup were meant to be dissolved like Nuun tablets and threw them in my handheld before realizing my mistake… so I had very fizzy water gradually as my handheld got shaken up and dissolved the tablets. Still had intended effect I suppose. Took a Gu (mostly roctanes or ones with caffeine) right before + one every ~3 mi and towards the end, even took them ~2 miles apart during really hilly sections, for a total of ~ 12 Gus + a few potato chips, one gu energy chew and a half dixie cup of gingerale. I drank probably ~50–60 oz of fluids over the course of the race. Felt pretty good throughout. This is a LOT more calories than it seems like any other runner takes, but my stomach seems to be okay with it the last few times I’ve done this (and all the races have been in relatively cold weather). —

Mar 9: Run for Amma 30k, Portola Valley, CA

Another wet and sloppy mudfest! The wind and sideways rain/hail at the top def made me regret running in a singlet just a little bit…Legs still not fully back yet after WTC and didn’t quite have the bounce for the climbs. David L and I agreed the conditions for some of these trails were worse than WTC even, although they mentally felt better.

Upcoming races

Mar 24: Oakland Half Marathon

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